First World Championships RG 65 – 2010

With 16 participants from Brazil between 40 competitors , one can say a Brazilian invasion in the world championships, the results are good in the first day of competition.

Among 40 participants  16 are Brazilians, 11 Argentines, 10 Chileans, 3 French. Among the top 20,  12 are Brazilians 8 are Argentines. If not for three Frenchmen could say that the World Championships  is actually a South American Championships, unfortunately without the participation of American, British, German, etc. But this can not overshadow the brightness of the class because  RG 65 shows its potential to be the largest world-class radio controlled sailboats. The costs to reach South America and spend a week is not small.



The classification on the first day was:

1 – Pedro Stier BRA                5.0

2 – Diego Louyer ARG            9.0

3 – Luis Gomes BRA              11.0

4 – Wilson Radtke  BRA         14.0

5 – German Reser ARG          18.0

6 – Eduardo Eli ARG               18.0

7 – Daniel Muller BRA            18.0

8 – Jorge Bercht BRA              21.0

9 – Agustin Moreno ARG        23.0

10 – Antonio Vadala BRA        24.0


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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2 Responses to First World Championships RG 65 – 2010

  1. Fred Schmidt says:

    Unhappy I do not have.
    The boats design are not available from the championship.
    By Brazilian competitors I know that Pedro Stier is with yours own new design – Stinger. The others have in majority Brazilian designs, like Little Best, Vad 65 etc.
    I will do a effort to put here at least the Brazilian boats.

  2. Jose says:

    Hi Fred,

    I can’t find a list of the boat designs. Have you?

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