Well, the name of the blog will increase, will go to IOM, RG65 & Footy.  But not now.  I’m standing with the Jegue D’Água because I am renovating the house, and should go into the water there to late October.   Then I will  make a RG 65 that I hope there will be ready for January / February and I’m doing now a footy, the CARCARÁ , who knows no one carcará?  Take a look over the fence will in direction to the last seam on top of the sail, there is the Carcara, when I saw it a long time ago I decided that would be the name of the next boat.

Carcará - Polyborus plancus

photo from:

Who is the Footy?  See here:

The Footy measurement system  is fantastic, it has to fit inside a box of 305 mm X 305 mm X 153 mm (305 mm = 1 feet hence the name):

It can be horizontal, inclined, but nothing in the hull can stay out the box, except the bowsprit and rudder and it has a tear in front and behind the box of 6 mm thick, so the rudder and the bowsprit can not have greater thickness than 6 mm and the rudder can not pass out more than 51 mm.

Something interesting in measuring the Footy is that when the boat is placed in the box should be like when you’re in the water, that is complete with everything working perfectly, so the boat that uses the feature to be measured diagonally across the box, the greater length the waterline, should be able to turn the sail properly, so the boom in these boats have a large angle with the deck.

The boat in the photos are the Pool Shark 3D from Chris Staiger.

Carcará plug is already at the end getting a dose of mass to be sanded, gives sense to have the length by the size of the keyboard:

I did the drawing in  Delftship, of course I used  Michlet to study the resistance, did the sections on paper and glued it in Styrofoam .  I’m giving the mass and hope this week to do a mold in fiber.  I had to stop the Jegue D’Água because due to the dreadful state of my house, but the work is ending and next month I hope to launch the Carcará and Jegue D’Água in water.


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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2 Responses to FOOTY

  1. Fred Schmidt says:

    Hi Funke

    Are you in a wrong blog? 🙂


  2. Funke says:

    Please Anders Were are the Finnish boats in Europeans?

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