IOM 2010 – South American and Brazilian Championship

Argentine and Pikanto were the great champions of the South American Championship

1                 German Reser                   ARG            Pikanto         29.0

2                Pedro Stier                          BRA            Pikanto        45.0

3                Diego Louyer                      ARG            Pikanto        57.0

4                Federico Beur Moreno       ARG            Pikanto        58.0

5                Denis Astbury                     BRA             Merlo           63.0

6                Eduardo Elli                        ARG             Pikanto        67.0

7                Alexandre Franco Marlen  ARG             Topiko         69.0

8               Ricardo Pollono                   ARG             Pikanto        84.0

9               Jorge Bercht                        BRA              Pikanto       113.0

10             Arturo Terra Brandes          ARG             Tempest     150.0

With 12 between 28 competitors, Pikanto made the party. The RG 65 2010 champion Pedro Stier take the second place in the South American Championship and first in the Brazilian Championship.

The championships was a success in the beautiful lagoon Lagoinha Pequena. See the beautiful photos from Hugo Valente :

Congratulations to Tiago Schleiniger that sent the above news and the organizing committee.


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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