Bulbous bow

The bulb is an appendix to improve wave resistance. It works well in a certain range of  V / √ L  v – boat speed and L is the length. Works very well on ships that has constant velocity.

The  bulb is to improve the formation of waves produced by the boat so that the energy lost in this formation is reduced and energy saved is used to increase speed. As the speed of sailboats is a function of wind speed, the introduction of a bulb should be studied very well to not increase the wave resistance outside the speed range in which it is really effective.

But it is an open field in search of solutions for a good performance. The introduction of this boat with bulb shows that australians are audacious, technicians, and competent, they were not the first to take the America’s Cup in the USA, exactly with the introduction of several new technologies.

Photo copied from website forum italia:



About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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2 Responses to Bulbous bow

  1. Hi Fred,

    can you contact me for a information about Denis Astburys boat calle Merlo.

    best regards, massimo

    • Fred Schmidt says:

      Hi Massimo

      What i know about is that Merlo is a boat that Mr Bantock designed and is modifying it. I took note of Merlo because she disputed the IOM Brazilian Championship a few months ago.
      I will ask for more information to Mr Person who is the Pikanto manufacturer here in Brazil (http://seamasterrc.wordpress.com/) and that might tell us something.
      PS – I like very much your blog

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