First is in RG 65 – The una rig, very used in Footy class will be used in RG 65 by jackwubbe

with a aft mast version from gatorsailor – same forun:

Why not?

Second – Mr Bantock do a request to IOMICA about rudder:

Interpretation 2011- IOM-1
Interpretation requested by Graham Bantock, commercial builder, as follows:
In the IOM class:
1) is it permissible to build a rudder with one or more (approximately) horizontal foils on the (approximately)
vertical blade?
2) is it permissible to build a rudder on a single shaft that has more than one blade, each inclined at a
different angle to the central vertical plane?
Relevant IOM Class Rules and discussion
IOM Class Rules 2009 and IOM Class Rules 2011
Equipment Rules of Sailing 2009-2012
This interpretation is in respect of two types of rudder.
Rudder described under Item 1) is a standard rudder blade with an additional horizontal foil fitted to the
lower end of the rudder blade. This is referred to below as a ‘T-foil rudder’
Rudder described under Item 2) is a rudder with two blades, one to port and one to starboard of the vertical
centreline of the hull and fixed to a single shaft. This is referred to below as a ‘Twin blade, single shaft
ERS E.1.1 defines a hull appendage as ‘used to affect: stability, leeway, steerage, directional stability,
motion damping, trim, displaced volume’ .
ERS E.1.2(j) describes a rudder as being a movable hull appendage primarily used to affect steerage.
IOM Class Rules 2009 and 2011, class rule E.3.2, allows any form of ‘construction’ which does not further
define whether this covers materials, shape of style. However IOM class rule E.3.2(b)(2) prohibits any
articulation of the rudder and IOM class rule E3.2(b)(3) prohibits any opening though which water may flow.
Answer on question under item 1) – ‘T-foil’ rudder
Providing that the horizontal foil is fixed and incapable of any articulation such a rudder is not prohibited by
either ERS or IOM class rules.
Answer on question under item 2) – ‘twin blade, single shaft rudder’
The space between the blades is an opening through which water may flow. This type of rudder is,
therefore, not permitted by IOM Class Rule E3.2(b)(3)
Interpretation decided on 24 January 2011 by a Sub-Committee:
Val Provoost, Technical Committee Chairperson of the IRSA
Remi Bres, Technical Committee member of the IRSA
Robert Grubisa, IOM ICA VC Technical


Foils signifies forces, forces are involved with CG, stability (transversal and longitudinal), directional stability, etc.

What will arrive from the Mr Bantock’s marvelous clipboard?


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Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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  1. Edmir says:

    Gostei do jeitão desse RG65.
    Qual o modelo do casco ?

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