RG 65 Design with Freeship – 2

The Freeship window consists of 4 minimized windows and arranged side by side in the order used in technical drawing:

side view = Profile View,

seen from above = Plan View,

front view = Bodyplan View

and a window to show the boat 3D = Perspective View.

To view each of these windows in full screen just click the maximize button in the window. If after you click the minimize button, the window back to its place, minimized.

If you click the mouse right button in each of the windows will open the dialog box:

The box blue line is for you make a new window if you happen to click the wrong button to close the window, just open the box and choose the vacant window, it returns the same way it was before, that because in reality you are working in 3D and the windows are only views of a 3D object, closing the window does not alter the object.

Camera and Line Mode is to use in the Perspective View.

With Mode you can render the boat in four ways:

Wireframe – just lines, such as now,

Shade, which is a rendering showing the immersed and emerged parts in color, you can change the colors in File –> Preferences

Gaussian Curvature and Zebra Shading put the colors according to the degree of curvature of the hull form.

Camera are ways to see the figure. You can use any you wish.

Background image is the line for you to insert a background image in the window, Print to print and Save Image to save the instant window like figure.

The zoom can be done through this window but the most practical is to click the left button on the window, outside the lines of the drawing, and drag up to increase or down to decrease.

The menu Visibility:

Control Net – serves to make visible or not the mesh. Click to see how it looks, to go back to see the mesh, use the menu again.

Show both sides – used to show or not both sides of the hull, see the figure below with the option thrown Both sides:

If we click the right button in the Perspective View window and choose the option Mode -> Shade, take a look:

You can not see very well the picture, then use the the Perspective view window maximize button and use the buttons located below and to the right of the window to move the window , with them you can put the hull in any position:

To return just click the button to minimize the window, back to the window with 4 views.

Other lines in the menu is to see or not the various lines of design – Grid Stations, Buttocks, Waterlines. Click them and see what happens. To re-activate the lines use the menu again.

The menu line – Hydrostatics features places (or remove) the values ​​of some hydrostatic properties of the hull, it is interesting at times when you want to modify the hull form and instantly see the variations in these quantities.

In this menu and other menus there are some lines that do not work in version Free. Work only in paid version.

There are several icons on the toolbar that facilitate these functions menu:

Just click on them and see what they do. To return to what it was before click the button again.

I invite all interested peoples, to participate in this post with suggestions, data, comments and doubts. Only adding we will be better, in all senses.

Continued !!!!!!!!!!


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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