RG 65 Design with Freeship – 8

I  modified the hull form for improve performance in three displacements – 0.8 kg, 0.9 kg and 1 kg and I passed the drawing to scale 1 / 10, to length stay with 0.65 m, the hull form was slightly different from the last drawing posted here.

To move to the actual size, length 65 cm, just go to menu Transform -> Scale:

  and click ok, this is the final design.

In Autocad with a routine Autolisp I did the design of heeled waterlines for the angles 10⁰ 20⁰ 30⁰ and 40 ⁰:

It look good without excessive strain on the  immersed side.

I’ll do hydrostatic calculations, also with a routine Autolisp in Autocad, especially seeing – displacement, wetted area, the longitudinal CF and CB and prismatic coefficient, checking whether these parameters behave well laid:

– Does not increase the wetted area

–  CB should move ahead or stay where it is

– Ditto CF

– Do not change too Cp

I believe, judging by the inclined waterlines from above that there will be no surprises.

The calculation of the final resistance was:

I would ask peoples who have followed these posts during those days to give me a feedback and if in doubt, think that something is wrong, make any comments, make suggestions etc, feel free, because I want to learn :)  and know what people thought of these posts.

Once I check the  hydrostatic inclined magnitudes , I’ll put here, it should take a little time and I do the Freeship .fbm file available for all who want to build or study the design, just send e-mail or use the comments.


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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2 Responses to RG 65 Design with Freeship – 8

  1. Eric Rosenbaum says:


    Your series of posts are really very interesting. I have Freeship but have not used it yet. These posts are helping me learn how it works, so please keep going.


    • Fred Schmidt says:

      Thanks Eric

      If you have some doubts I can try to clarify it is only to make contact.



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