IOM World 2011 – II

Day results:

Position                Name                            Boat                           Score

1                      Martin Roberts                  Viper                           7.0
2                      Robert Walsh                    Lintel MMX                 9.0
2                      Jeff Byerley                      Cheinz                           9.0
4                      Graham Elliott                 BritPOP                        10.0
4                      Peter Stollery                   BritPOP                        10.0
6                      Brad Gibson                     BritPOP                        16.0
7                      Derek Priestly                   Arrival                          18.0
8                     Alexis Carre                       Pikanto                         25.0
9                     Marc Pomarede                 Pikanto                         27.0
9                     Svend Justesen                  Sega                              27.0
11                    Tony Gonsalves                 Lintel                            28.0
12                   Tony Edwards                    Bobot Mk 2                  29.0
13                   Marko Matic                       Pikanto                        30.0
14                   Soren Andresen                 Mad Max                      31.0
15                   Joop de Jong                     Pikanto                         36.0
15                   Graham Bantock               Pikanto                         36.0
17                   Zvonko Jelacic                  Pikanto                          40.0
18                  Mirko Ukas                        Pikanto                          45.0
19                  Peter Allen                         Lintel                             47.0

The winds was heavy and the competitors needed use rig 2 and 3 and perhaps here the Pikantos was not in the firsts position but is too early to some prognostic, only after a number of races that permit one discard the competition begins to take shape.

The news is Jeff Byerley with Cheinz his newest boat. Jeff works on the Mirage Radio Yachts  in Australia  ( ) and make Mad Max, Cockatoo and Xtreme.

About the Arrival we have this information:




About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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