Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The year is ending and season championships IOM, RG 65 and Footy too.
New happened.
In the IOM Britpop! appeared overwhelming. But many other excellent projects have also emerged.
In RG 65 appeared several new projects.
The Footy class begins to show promise and International with new designs.
For the RC sailboats was a very fruitful year.
I am very happy because when the blog was started with the idea of  ​​having a multinational source of information where anyone who wanted to share their knowledge could help others, I did not expect so many blog visits. (A practice that inevitably happen in the future in all branches of knowledge as we learn that nations are just organizations that help us better survive, and that in this future will be something like neighborhoods or cities, because in reality we are all brothers and we will do not make any distinction between us as a result in human social evolution)       .

Here it is important to thank Eric Rosenbaum (USA), Mauricio Dantas (BRA – USA), Anders Wallin (FIN), Doug Lord (USA), Andy Hoffman (GER), Mauro Lopes (BRA), Marlon Prestes (BRA), Hanneke Gillissen (NED), Mark Dicks (GBR) and many others whose teachings and photos have been placed here on this blog.

The RC sailing is increasingly widespread and more we help those who want to start in the sport, more will be easier for all.

I hope many others whose knowledge is so important for sailing RC will join this blog, which is not mine, but of all.
I regard my work as an organizer of knowledge that are added in a single place to help everyone.
This blog is not mine, belongs to all who want to use the knowledge they begin to accumulate here and the people who kindly share their knowledge.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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