Footy design – Freeship IV

Depending on the route of the race a boat can spend more time inclined than vertical, so personally, I study very  carefully the inclined boat. Unfortunately I do not know a free software that will do it. Draw the inclined waterlines and redo the calculations for this situation is extremely important.

Today let’s try see the inclined waterlines using existing resources in Freeship.

Let’s go to menu Transform –> Mirror:

Click on OK and after check the box Vertical Plane and click on OK

Let’s rotate 35 degree. Menu :  Transform –> Rotate

Click on OK, and in the box Longitudinal Axis put 35 and we have:

See the various windows and principally the Plan View, but we can see better on Perspective View. Maximize de Perspective View. Click the mouse right button and choose Mode –> Shade, use the bottom and left window rules to rotate the 3D drawing:

See the waterlines ends, they are inclined in relation to the old centerline and has a curvature between them. I think that this tends to put the boat crossed over the direction of the course. Normally I work to eliminate this distortion to the maximum I can.

An other interesting point is the chine in the fore centerline formed by the two sides of the boat.

Let’s go work on waterlines. Minimize Perspective View and maximize Plan View.

Trigger the Control net:

Select the point in the stern showed in the figure below:

Let’s take it closer to the center line and then do the same with the stern point above this and we have:

See that I also moved the selected point in the figure above.

Let’s minimize the Plan View and maximize the Perspective View:

See the step in the stern, as we do a mirrored when we change one side the other do not change, and here we have a problem: how we can do exactly the same modification?

1 – Go to eliminate the rotation ==>  Menu Transform –> Rotate –> Longitudinal Axis –> (Type) – 35    –> Click OK       and we have a rotation for the other side.

2 – Before we adjust the mirrored I will go adjust the points changed in the Plan View in the transverse section:

Minimize the Plan View, maximize the Bodyplan View:

Note that the aft section is decentralized in relation to the fore sections, but the control net points are with right measures.

Let’s adjust this, clicking in the two centerlines points in the left side and in the right side we can see that they are 0.6657 away from centerline.  Remove the control net. Going to the Menu ==> Transform –> Move –> OK –> Transverse Axis –>  type 0.6657 –> OK :

(NOTE: I don’t know why this occurs – the transverse translation)

I was able to make new waterlines like explained before.

Select Control Net and select the left point:

The next step is adjust the points, but care, adjust only the points in the aft sections positioned on the left side, the other side, right side, we will use the points window to take them equal to the left side.

Now we will go select the points changed in the left side take the measures from the point window and transfer to symmetric points at right:

X = 0.00;   Y = 0.8136;   Z=4.2792

Choose the symmetrical:

Change the values on window  – Change the signal for Y:

Do the same for the others points and we have:

Let’s rotate 35 degree and see as was the changes:

Lets maximize the Perspective view and see the inclined stations , see how they are more similar port and starboard even inclined:

Let’s try improve the bow, see the fore sections:

The worst section is the 30530, let’s try improve.

Is more easy unrotate and work with the boat up:

I made the station more in U:




About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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