Footy Internet Course

An invitation from the Model Yachting Association of Great Britain – Footy site:

” Fellow Footy Enthusiast

I webmaster the Footy site for the Model Yachting Association of Great Britain, some of our clubs sailing Footy are running regular Internet Course events this year and we will be publishing the results on the website at

We are keen to promote this form of Footy racing which is an excellent way of introducing more people to the Footy Class, and promoting Radio Sailing in general, notwithstanding the benefits of making hull & rig comparisons against a genuinely equal course where ever in the world the event takes place. To this end if any of your members decide to compete against the course in 2012 and wish for their best times to published on our Leaderboard I would be only to pleased to include their efforts on the website. ( )

To this end there is a form they can fill out attached to the website, with the information required or the result can be emailed directly to me at

Hoping that many of your countrymen and Footy enthusiasts will take up the challenge.

Kind Regards

Peter Shepherd  ”

The event is very welcome and we hope for greater success.

Congratulations to Model Yachting Association of Great Britain.



About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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