About Hull Form

Continuing the subject of the heeled geometry of the hull, we see two hulls famous and efficients:


Boat 1 10 degrees

Boat 1 35 degrees


Boat 2 10 degrees

Boat 2 35 degrees

What we notice is a concern to keep the symmetrical shape of the heeled water lines, not to mention the design parameters, such as Cp, LCB, LCF, SA, etc..
The former has water lines near symmetrical but form a angle with the center line due to the large and flat transom and the second, which has much better performance than the first, the  water lines angle with the centerline is lesser.
The research I’m doing as far as possible, is to investigate whether the water lines inclined in the form of asymmetric foil produce boats with good performance, with less leeway, better handling, lesser angler to windward, etc…

Here is my next RG 65, the heeled waterlines concept is totally different. My intend is do the heeled waterlines as asymmetric foils, with lesser angle possible with the centerline ,  maintaining the design parameters better possible. And here we need speak about chine:

the chine cut the inclined waterlines transforming them in asymmetrical foils in the right direction, with lift against wind and I used it in my design to  optimize the foil.

To reach this at small angles I do the chine a little immersed in midship:

Heeled hull foils 20 degrees

Heeled hull foils 30 degrees

Heeled Hull foils 40 degrees

Heeled Hull foil 50 degrees

3D 30 degrees

3D 50 degrees

At the same time I will do an other RG 65 to satisfy an other curiosity 🙂 (with the same concepts above):




Yes, I know, we can have a submarine, but engineering is to solve problems :).

I think that I am  seeing  Americas Cup videos in excess.


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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