San Diego Argonauts videos

Thanks to TheXlar we can see 2 videos:


About Fred Schmidt

Engenheiro Naval interessado em projeto de veleiros radio-controlados. Naval Architect interested in RC sailboats design
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2 Responses to San Diego Argonauts videos

  1. Ron Blackledge says:

    Regarding the US Nationals it appears chined boats did okay in the light and fickle wind. Fred, you are very interested in the design of IOMs and the affect of chines. Finally there is a definitive discussion by a Naval Engineer(who has also done design work for America Cup participants) on chines and he suggests the hull does indeed provide efficient lift and must be factored in with the keel and rudder. Please refer to Bob Wells popular IOM news letter on the USA IOM or Seattle Model Yacht Club website. It is the September issue and can be downloaded. Davis Hollom is the author and it is a must read.

    • Fred Schmidt says:

      Hi Ron,
      Bob Wells already sent to me,. Is a great knowledge shared by Dave Hollom, a great contribution to understand the chine effect.
      This contribution already is on the page Heeled Hull Form in this blog, see on the menu.
      I open on February a thread on the forum
      There already has the contribution from Dave Hollom and some comments.
      Thank you for information, I think that this contact between us, that are interested in RC and real boats design is fundamental for the RC sport evolution.

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