Future in RC sail

This page was inspired to me by Doug Lord.

Doug is a person that is always ready in help us in boatdesign.net, http://www.boatdesign.net/,  a wonderful forum that I learn a lot there.

He is fifty years ahead us in RC sailboats and I will initiate this page with his work and his kindness in teach us. You can see much more in the Doug photo gallery in boatdesign.net


While we are groping in learning IOM and RC boats design, Doug Lord in the past years was walking already many years ahead. Moved ballast, spinnaker, hydrofoils is for him the past. See the photos and drawings:



Movable ballast

Spinnaker and movable ballast


Beautiful not?

We can only walk behind.



From stockmaritime we have:



The future need not be expensive

More on:



Hydroptère RC à Casteljaloux 47


14 Responses to Future in RC sail

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  3. Matt Ward says:

    Hey would recommend someone looking to get into RC sailing to build their own or buy a premade or kit? I have been reading about RC boats and you seem much more experienced in the field that myself.

  4. Barrie says:

    Hi Fred
    The only way forward is to get people into the sport without new blood we can not move forward

    • Fred Schmidt says:

      Hi Barrie
      3 years ago I try to encourage people to practice sailing radio controlled in my state. Now we’re getting to a group of 7 people. It is a sport with little media visibility, relatively difficult because it involves a certain capital and knowledge. Doug Lord is years ahead, their achievements are very old and none of them has been incorporated in any class. It may be that now with the success of the last America’s Cup boats it appears a great hydrofoils fever and consequently in radio controlled. All evolution is very slow.

  5. marco says:

    thank you very much but the gentleman what it’s called

  6. marco says:

    if he sends me a video or something else

  7. marco says:

    I’m Italian and I do not speak English well but I wanted to know how do you build a spinnaker

  8. marco says:

    you can have a video on how accurate the spinnaker and loaded weapon into his bag or something else?

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  10. Fred Schmidt says:

    Hi Garret
    Thanks, if you have any questions about construction can ask here in the blog.
    I do not have the kit but the site Vela RC.it :
    have free plans to built the VOR 70 (Ericsson – Abn Amro) .



  11. garrett says:

    Awesome website! I just bought my second Kyosho Seawind. It is always more fun to sail with a friend. I want to learn how to build the boats on this website. Is there a kit for the Volvo 70?
    Thank you.

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